Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lost in time?? losing my mind??

I am taking my first crochet class, it is 3 saturdays long.
Called Lost in Time Shawl....gorgeous...

but I am struggling to learn to read a pattern, the pattern had to be converted into english from another language so it is not really clear and has some goofs in it.

I have only learned  to crochet by youtube videos and following along with each trying to do a row without someone to watch is not easy!

I will continue on and hope to be able to read patterns on my own when I have completed the next two saturdays....

You can find the pattern on her website at:

Here is where I am at, I have had to get help from the teacher and from Tanya my yarn Guru....
I am on row 13 and my count is off again...UGH!
My homework was to get to row 21....hahahahaha, not going to happen all by myself...

This is mine up to row 12, cant get the count right on row 13...poo!
I will update in two saturdays!

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