Saturday, May 27, 2017

Scrappin Escapes in San Diego!

Got to spend last weekend in San Diego with Patti from

We arrived Thursday and had the salmon dinner at the LaJolla Marriott, always fabulous food there!
Try their hamburgers with caramelized onions, yummy!!
Scrapbooked all weekend, well, the city had a black out that took out the lights on Friday, so we kinda had to crop in mostly dark, some power was available to the power strips so we had our little lamps going...ate more great food, drank to many vanilla lattes from starbucks, got to lay out by the pool for a little while...ahhhh, a fun a couple good pages done in my British Isles scrapbook too:

I refused to get in the one elevator they had working on the emergency way was I going to get stuck in an I made Christy take the stairs with me.

Cropping in the dark, that was a first for us!

Ahhhhh, lounging poolside!!

Thanks go out to Patti for putting on these great crops!! She works so hard for us to have a fun place to escape too!!

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