Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Making fun stuff with my Cricut machine!

I just love my Cricut machine! I have the Cricut explore air. I can make so many things with it, but my favorite thing is making iron ons for shirts.
Of course, every crafter has to personalize their machine, mine has a cat and a bird!
Both designed and cut on the machine!

First you design what you want your shirt to say in the design space on your computer or ipad. There are tons of fonts, and designs to use. I can create where ever I am on my iphone or ipad then when I get home I can just connect via bluetooth to my machine and cut it out using the iron on vinyl from Cricut. So much fun!

Here are some of the things I have been making:
Every scrapbook trip I design a new wine/coffee  scrapbook shirt for me and my sister. We like to enjoy a little wine and a lot of coffee while at our retreats.

I can also make cute baby gifts like the onesies I made for a baby shower I am attending:

I love to go in my craft room and design and create, not sure if it is cheaper than therapy but it sure is fun!

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