Saturday, September 17, 2016

Autumn is almost here!

I  love summer but I also like a little fall, only for the sweaters and boots I get to wear!
I have some cool fall outfits I am anxious to wear.

The next best thing for fall is all the delicious soups to eat, I love soup. I have plenty of recipes coming up so stay tuned....Chicken pot pie soup, Cheeseburger soup (oh it is so good!) and I make a copy cat Olive Garden minestrone that the hubby loves, and I can also make the Zuppa Tuscana soup as well. I will attempt to knit again this winter, hoping it will catch on with my hands and brain this time.

See you back here on September 22 for the first day of Autumn and a soup recipe!

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Tanya said...

OK, is THAT your scarf from one of your trips last year????? I need to see that, if you already own it - we can SO make that! XOXO