Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to the 80's!

Last night I got to travel back in time with my good buddies, Tanya and Jaci! He went back to the 80's!
We had to go see Boy George aka Culture Club...I have loved their music for the longest time, the songs never get old.
Tanya wanted to play 80's dress up but she had just flown back from Colorado and was so tired and could not get a chance to dress up. I got dressed up...I did my best to go for the Madonna 1985 look, Desperately Seeking Susan...

Too much fun! Just wish I knew how to do make up better, I need more eye liner and red lipstick. Oh well, if he comes back to town we will do it again!

Boy was not singing as good as he could, his voice was tired and he said he was on the 3rd show of a 3 string run, and at the end of 49 show run. He still did his best and thanked his fans constantly. He said he was not making excuses, just letting us know and did his best to sing his heart out, we LOVED it!

The place was packed and everyone just could not get enough of him. With the old 80's videos of Culture Club playing up on the big screens and him dancing and gliding, and smiling, cracking jokes and just loving every minute on stage, Oh it was one of my favorite concerts in a long time!

Got to hear all the old favorites and he did a tribute song to Johnny Cash, because Boy George loved his Johnny Cash!

I am still grinning from ear to ear, he was so fun to watch.

Here is a little taste of some Boy for you:


Tanya said...

Oh, MAN!!! That was one for the books, FOR SURE...and you, Desperately Seeking Susan - you rocked it, girlfriend. Always a kick-ass evening with my friend. THANK YOU FOR THE TICKETS! I'm glad we went ahead and bought when we did - never seen the Pearl that full. XOXO

Tanya said...

Just watched the video - I LOVED LAST NIGHT!!! What a GREAT concert!

Sara said...

Nice and your outfit rocked!!!