Saturday, June 4, 2016

Traveling Fool and my reasons why...

I tell anyone who will listen, I tell anyone who asks about my wrist tattoos...."Get busy living or get busy dying"
The story behind them is real and meaningful...

When my mom lived, she worked her whole life from a young mom with 3 daughters to being on her own after we grew up and moved on. She retired and bought herself a little mobile home and dreamt of all the things she could now do.
But, she didn't do any of them, she just sat in her little mobile home and watched TV and bought frivolous stuff on eBay. She passed away, not fulfilling her long time dream of going to Ireland. 
She passed away not going anywhere.

My sister and I made a pact, we were not going to let this happen to us, damn it.
We made plans and booked cruises...we got out there and now I am proud to say I have been places, I have seen things...I have ventured beyond my own backyard!

Our first big trip was for our Grandma Ginia, she use to go to Italy with her long time boyfriend Dante. She loved it. So we went to pay homage to her. Our next trip to Scandinavia was for us, how far could we go and push ourselves, well, pretty damn far....we went to Russia!! For Pete's sake, we went to Russia!!

This trip was an homage to our mom, she wanted to see Ireland always dreaming about the green, green fields and the castles. Oh, and "I would like to have tea with the Queen of England" she always said as she drank her tea, talking in an English accent.
We didn't have tea with the queen, but we stood at the gates of Buckingham palace and watched as the guests left after having tea with the queen at a garden party!

My mom was also an avid reader of books, her favorite being the Sherlock Holmes novels by Sir Conan Doyle. So while searching things to see in London, I came across Sherlock Holmes Pub, We must go I told my sister!! And go we did, and we had the most delicious lunch of steak and ale pie! 

Now, keep an open mind, while you are dining in hundreds of years old buildings, you will meet some curious little friends, as we did there, it was a beautiful pub full of all sorts of Sherlock memorabilia, highly rated place and got quiet busy as the lunch crowd came in, but just there scurrying around under the table, we met a little mouse, we named him Sherlock, of course, and he scurried off, the waitress just shrugging and saying "they just come with the old buildings".

Later on in our trip we came across Sir Conan Doyle pub and we dined there and had the most delicious lunch of Chicken Pie and Spinach Pie! How cool is that!!

So coming up in the next few posts, I will share some pictures of our 17 day travels to London, Scotland and Ireland, why? Because....We just Got Busy Living!



Lunch with Sherlock!
Wish you could have been here Mom!

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Tanya said...

I love your reason why, a such as those hat pictures. And now I'm singing the song from Sweeney Todd, about the human meat pies..."try some Vicar"...muahahaha!