Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Why am I not famous?

I have this knack for making things famous, all except for myself....
I started reading the Pioneer Woman's blog long before she had a tv show and pots and pans at Walmart. I also started watching Laura Vitales cooking videos long before she had a tv show and cookbook. Now these 2 are famous and making bucket loads of cash....jeepers.

They are still really great to get some tried and true recipes from so when I needed a good dinner idea I check them out on you tube.

I had some shrimp in the freezer and decided I needed a really good shrimp scampi recipe so a quick search on you tube and I found Laura's 10 minute scampi...oh, sounds perfect!

I rinsed the shrimp to thaw them and away we went.

This recipe is so flipping easy and so delicious! I am changing the recipe to make more sauce, you really want more sauce if you are serving with a loaf of french bread, Yum!

Get a pot of salted water boiling to make linguine and turn the oven on to 425*

1. Grab some shrimp (thaw if frozen or use fresh) to fit the bottom of a 9x12 baking dish in a flat layer.
2. Pour in a cup of wine (pinot gregio worked great)
3. Add 1/2 stick of melted unsalted butter
4. Pour in the juice of 2 lemons
5. Add 8 garlic cloves minced
6. Add some salt and pepper and red pepper flakes if you like a little kick.
Mix together and put in a 425* oven for 7 minutes for small shrimp or 10 minutes if using large shrimp. You can put a loaf of french bread in the oven too as it takes 10 minutes to heat as well.

Drop your linguine in the boiling water  to cook for 7 to 10 minutes.
I made my own fresh pasta earlier in the day, that was so much fun. I love to make pasta now and the take the time to make it from scratch, having the kitchen aid mixer with the pasta attachments helps, but I have heard by hand is fats and easy too!

Now that 10 minutes has gone by, take the bread and shrimp out of the oven, drain your pasta, add it to the shrimp dish, sprinkle on some fresh cut parsley, and give a good stir to coat pasta with the sauce, transfer to a deep serving platter so you don't keep cooking the shrimp in the hot baking dish,

Serve with the crusty french bread and butter, some Parmesan cheese and some more of that Pinot Gregio! Wow, fast and fabulous for sure!

I was so hungry that I forgot to grab my camera to take a picture of my dish, it was amazing we ate the whole plate, using the bread to mop up all the sauce! I will add a photo next week, I will be making this at least once a month!

Have a great week, be back soon with more from Viva Las Vegas!


Tanya said...

Not to mention your famous Harmonica necklace on American Idol! I don't know the answer either, Chica - if I did, we'd BOTH be famous! Thanks for another great recipe - next time my people have a hankering for shrimp, they're getting Shrimp ala' Jackie! XOXO

Sara said...

The recipe sounds good and I was looking forward to see a picture at the end of the post as usual ;)