Friday, March 4, 2016


The toppings, love the queso fresco cheese!

The Guarjillo pork taco, Yum!
I made the tacos at home! They were a success. I followed the recipe, marinated the pork, made my own corn tortillas, they were delicious! Hubby was very impressed and loved them, he even put the poblano, corn, and onion mix on his! You also use queso fresco cheese, cilantro, lime. Those are the items that bring the tacos their distinct flavor.
The thing I like the most about these tacos, they are very different from our normal once a week tacos of carnitas, or hamburger. You use different toppings and the meat has a Guarjillo chile flavor, so different and so tasty! Not a taco to make once a week, but just every other month to shake your taco night up! Enjoy!

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Sara said...

They look yummy!