Saturday, November 15, 2014

News from around the world!

Sometimes Charlie and I like to go hang out at Margaritaville on our Friday nights out, we have dinner at one of the restaurants at the Linq, then walk up to Margaritaville where they have an outside bar that sits right up along the sidewalk. We have so much fun sitting there drinking beer and wine and watching all the tourists go by, some stop and talk, some just high five you as they go by. It is just a fun happy place to hang out.

One night during the summer we sat next to a young couple, Rasmus and Linda, they were on holiday from Sweden. They were traveling all over and we told them a lot about Las Vegas and places to visit. They said they were headed to New Zealand, we said if you get near Hamilton stop by and say Hi to Charlie's sister, Violet, who runs  "Violets Coffee@Pit Lane" in Hamilton, New Zealand. We gave them the info and said goodbye.
Linda, Violet and Rasmus!
Well, guess what???
They made it to Violet's Cafe!!

Here is the message we got.....

Almost two months since we saw each other in Las Vegas, and today we met your sister her in Hamilton, New Zealand. We went to her coffee shop and drank tasty coffee and ate pie. We actually are going to sleep in their house tonight She is so lovely, and we don't regret a second that we took a little detour to see her. I attach one photo of us three Hope you are doing well!


Travel the world and meet new friends!! We hope the rest of their journey finds them more new friends, happy travels Rasmus and Linda!!!


Colleen said...

That is really something because most people will say they will and then you never hear from them again!

Colleen Mcgraw said...

That is so cool

My Garden Diaries said...

That is amazing!!!! And what an adorable couple!!!! As is violet!!!! Love this story... Kinda reaffirms that we are all connected!! Great story pal!! Nicole xo