Friday, October 3, 2014

Fall can be fun????

I pinned a recipe for a creamy chicken soup, not your ordinary chicken soup, something new, will try it when it gets a little colder here. If you are cold enough where you live just go here to get a jump start but let me know how it turns out! Creamy Chicken Soup

I am cleaning and organizing getting ready for the winter hibernation period...I love that I can walk on my treadmill at night with the garage door open and the chill in the air coming through...
I have many new recipes to try this winter so get ready to get fat!
treat-treadmill-burn-800x800.jpg (615×386)
just about what happens when I am on the treadmill....hubby thinks I am running...hahahahaha!

I am going scrapbooking soon with Christy and Mary and we will scrapbook, drink wine, eat good food, and just relax. I love my scrapbooking trips....they keep me sane.

Not much new going on here, just gearing up for winter, cleaned out my closet and switched out my shorts and tank tops for turtlenecks and corduroys! I love my cords, Victoria's Secret makes the best corduroys in the world!

yeah, that's what I look like in them...bahhahahahaha!
I am old school, love my cut-offs in summer and my cords in winter....

Keep smiling and keep working hard and praying for a brand new day...


My Garden Diaries said...

I am old school too! I would love to try some of the new styles but feel like they are a bit forced on me....I will have to check out their cords!!! And that soup!!! Dear lord does that look amazing! Bring on the had me laughing out loud with that one friend!! Wishing you all beautiful things this fall! Hope the trip goes well! Nicole xo

Tanya said...

For crap sake, I thought that was YOU up there! ;-) Thanks for a fun Saturday - Rod tonight - Jim and Co. tomorrow. We ROCK! Too bad you don't have any good corduroys to wear. XOXO