Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The set is now complete!

Wow, I have been busy with work for my husband, work in the house, work for my etsy store!
But I have such great things to show for it!

I completed my camera set, The purse/carry all was made by the ever so talented Tanya, She has a wonderful beaded sparrow necklace on her blog right now that you can own, go check out her blog by clicking here: BeadandNeedle

I have my camera strap in retro fabric, my camera bag with matching buttons, my camera bag strap in retro fabric. And now a purse in retro fabric to carry my stuff in! Tanya owed me a purse as we had bet on the world series and Boston Red Sox with My Napoli, beat her Cardinals last year! Wheee!

I also made some very cool straps for Army, Navy, and Marines. I even have one for the Fire Department....

All available in the etsy store:


Colleen said...

these look good!

Tanya @ Bead and Needle said...

Holy moley, you have gone to TOWN, sister! Super groovy - the buttons on the camera bag itself!