Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2nd Stop...Tallinn, Estonia

Our Excursion: Town and Country life
We start out by bus to a farm called Esko, they started out with 8 cows and now have over 800, here they produce milk, cheese, and dairy products. We got to sample the cheeses, and yogurt. Very delicious!
After running amok with the cows we headed in to town where we stopped at a local families house to have coffee and cake with them, how fun! The house was very interesting, lots of wallpaper and a very tiny kitchen. The cake was made by the grandmother and was so delicious! Layers of pastry with rhubarb, the coffee was very good, I love coffee in Scandinavia, very strong and delicious!
From the home we headed into the old town, where it is very medieval. Gothic spires, ancient bell towers and winding cobblestone streets, it was so beautiful!
Back to the ship for dinner and wine,
Next stop:
St. Petersburg, Russia!!
Cows! They smell. No seriously, they smell really bad!

Who cut the cheese?

Christy pointed out that this cow has a heart on it's forehead! Too cute!

Mr. Estonia and his daughter, name was changed, well, I can't remember their names.

Loved this chest in their home! Notice the wallpaper? It was everywhere!

Keeping warm the old fashioned way!

Jeff and our peeps having coffee and yummy cake!

A fortress in all it's medieval glory!

Overlooking Tallinn! Gorgeous!

Back on the ship it was 70's night, we disco-ed down with Topi and his crew dressed as the village people!
It's fun to stay at the YMCA in Funkytown!!!


Sara said...

Gorgeous place and you even got to try a piece of delicious cake! I'm so jealous right now ;)

My Garden Diaries said...

This is my kind of trip! That farm is like a dream to me! And then being able to have a bit of coffee and cake! What a delightful excursion! And such gorgeous photos! Love that last shot of you all having a great time!! You know how to have fun pal!!! Nicole xo

Tanya @ Bead and Needle said...

Found yourself a fireman, I see. You look like a Bay City Roller with the plaid! LOVE the cows and stinky cheese - what a wonderful trip. The photos ROCK, Chica! XOXO

Mary said...

Cows do, indeed, stink. Was raised in an area that was swarming with them so the smell is actually homey to me. Looks like you're really getting the feel for these places, not just tourist traps!

Tisha Dolton said...

Estonia looks lovely!