Monday, April 28, 2014

Why I travel!

I travel so I can make scrapbooks! Then I travel to go make scrapbooks! It is a never ending vicious cycle!
I love every minute of it!
So here are 4 of my cruise/travel books, oh, I just remembered that I have 5 scrapbooks just for scrapbook trips! I will highlight those another day! Today it is all about my cruise/travel books.

Here are the 4 COMPLETED, yes, I just finished my Spain/Italy book, just in time for my Scandinavian trip to begin!
The first cruise book is the small blue one, it was my first 3 day cruise to Mexico. We went with our dear friends, Joe and Mary, we celebrated my 40th birthday, it was a fun fun trip!
The second book on the bottom row is the cruise my sister and I took up the pacific coast to Canada. It was a scrapbook cruise with we had a wonderful time, and it really got us going on the whole cruise for the rest of our lives deal!
The top album is my Alaska cruise album, this cruise was also a scrapbook cruise with Teresa Collins, we had scrapbook classes with her and everything while on board the ship! To the right is my Spain/Italy album. Cruising is not that expensive, we usually cruise with Royal Caribbean, and the more you cruise with them the better your little perks get. My last two cruises cost aprox. 5000.00 for everything. That is why I skip a year. To help save up or pay off a cruise! We are thinking Australia or Ireland for 2016. We will have to wait and see, who knows where we may end up!

I wanted to show you some pages from my books, these are all the last pages of each album. I love the last page, it sums up the sheer enjoyment from each cruise.
40th Birthday!
Pacific Coastal Cruise
Alaska Cruise
I want to make sure I have a place for keep track of the expenses for each cruise,
this was a cute idea for this book!
Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing what keeps me on the go and the reason I get out and see the world!
My scrapbooks are full of so many memories! I just wish my hubby could go along with me, just 5 more years and he will retire and we can cruise together!


My Garden Diaries said...

Your scrapbooks are awesome! And the trips you have taken sound so amazing! I have yet to see much of the world and I can only hope that we will do just that in time! Wishing you all the joy and happiness in your travels!!! Nicole xoxo

Hindustanka said...

This is lovely hobby, Jackie. And it is like you can touch your memories rather than simply collecting the photos on a laptop.
I wish you to have many more lovely trips, together with hubsnad. It will be much more enjoyable for sure :)

Mary said...

I remember that scrapbook cruise to Canada. It is what got Chris and I hooked on cruising, too! Such fun times!