Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend update!

Just been busy over here...
I am working on an online certificate for travel and tourism, on my last leg, will take my TAP exam in March for my certificate! Wish me luck!

I am doing online courses because I have to be available to work for my husband if our business of vehicle appraisal gets busy and he needs me.
But if I get this certificate I may be able to work for a little extra money at a travel agent office or a AAA office or American express office. I just need a little extra to pay for all the trips I want to take and to help out with the house bills.

One of my goals is to become Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar.... there are 4 courses to earn this, and it takes about 6 years to complete the training!! But there is a lot of cruising to be done!! Wheeeee!!!

In a side note I cleaned and organized my craft room, had to add a bookcase to hold all my travel books and info...
I now have a section for each subject: Travel, Jewelry, Stamping, Scrapbooking. I have a sign above the door that says ESCAPE..which it truly is a place to escape too....I love my room!!
The new bookcase! The guitar belonged to my mom, I am teaching myself to play, have been working on learning to tune it on you tube, look for me to be playing some tunes in the next year!! Gotta keep working on that bucket list!!

Love my map, I have pins to show where I have lived and pins in it to show where I have travelled to.

the far left bookcase is jewelry making stuff, the armoire is scrapbooking and the right bookcase is scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking paper and stamping stuff.

stamps, cutters and the printer!
 I made another item off pinterest to show you, I made this for my sister, I punched out hearts from an atlas showing all the places she/us has travelled to, plus LA and Boston, where she and her husband are from! Hope she does not read my blog before I get this sent out this week!!
Has heart maps of Spain, Hawaii, Italy, Los Angeles, Boston. Too fun!! All in an 8x8 frame!

Well Hope you had a productive weekend! See you soon, I am hoping to make a new recipe this weekend will post in a day or two!


Tanya @ Bead and Needle said...

SO proud of and happy for your accomplishment, Chica!!! Hate you for owning that kick-ass craft room, though! XOXOXO

Tanya @ Bead and Needle said...

SO proud of and happy for this accomplishment for you, Chica - I know how hard you've studied! I hate you for owning that kick-ass craft room though! XOXOXO

Elisabeth D said...

Your craft room is great! Your scrap booking stuff is SO organized! The gift you've made for your sister is so cute...I might make something similar :) Have a great day! xx

Tammy Lawrence-Cymbalisty said...

Playing guitar was on my bucket list too... its been 5 years and I love it! Youtube was/is my only teacher. Best of luck on your certifications! Online learning rocks

Jen Ham said...

Your craft room is awesome! I certainly need to organize my corner better! Elite Cruise Scholar?! Awesome!!! xoxo Jen