Saturday, January 11, 2014

The year ahead!

I have 3 scrapbook trips planned and a scandinavian cruise this year. I can't wait to sail the seas again!

2008-09-flamecruise1.jpg (787×513)

My hopes for my blog....that I can show a bit of Vegas life, some fun travels, share some more great food, oh, I am trying to get my posts labeled so if you need to find a recipe you can click on a link on the side and get it found! I am finding some great recipes on pinterest, I love to make new meals with only tried and true recipes and pinterest has been great for finding some real gems! I am in fact eating "cheeseburger soup" for breakfast right now, one of my favorites I found on pinterest!

The recipe is a couple posts back if you are interested! It is fabulous!

I have so much fun playing on polyvore and pinterest, I have no idea what I did all day before I found them!
Polyvore is for fashion and decorating, I love to create sets of outfits, they also have contests you can enter, they give you a theme, such as this one:  Accessorize this leather couch:Cassini_Sofa_in_Vintage_Brown_by_Burke_Decor_1024x1024.jpg (450×325)
So here is my take on it:
Crazy Cat Ladies Couch

Like I said, I love to have fun on that site!!

My pinterest stuff is here:
jackie's pinterest

Well, that's all the news I have today, hope you have a fun weekend!


My Garden Diaries said...

HA! That couch is great!!! And your cruise sounds like it is going to be just amazing! As are those scrapbooking trips! I need a weekend like that...maybe just to lay flat for an uninterrupted bit! All the best to you and have yourself a great weekend friend!!! Nic xoxo

Bead and Needle said...

I could not sit on that couch - I would itch! :-) Glad you have all those trips planned, PLUS the cruise - good on' ya, Chica!!! Great year ahead - XOXO