Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Tale of 3 Enchiladas

Once a upon a time...
there was this little housewife living in a hot dry desert land.
She worked and slaved every day for her husband, her only purpose in life - to make him happy. It was a daunting task, but she knew in the end she would prevail.

Her husband worked so hard every day trying to make a living in this hot dry desert land. He longed to make   tons of money so that he could send his wife on fabulous trips to Spain and Italy and Scandinavia. He also wanted money to buy race cars so he could watch his son and grandson  have fun every weekend at the local racetrack. He worked and worked and barely, just barely, made enough to enjoy his life in this hot dry desert land.

One day the little housewife had a plan! She would learn to cook his favorite meal so that they did not have to spend money every Sunday going to the local mexican restaurant, where her husband enjoyed feasting on enchiladas, rice, and beans, oh, and beer, chips, and salsa.

She scoured the internet, combed the grocery shelves, there had to be a fabulous enchilada sauce out there that her husband would be happy eating!

She came upon a Homemade recipe, and 2 canned versions.

Sunday night approached and she eagerly told the husband "tonight we stay home and save money".
She had prepared 3 pans of 5 enchiladas each!

The first pan had the homemade sauce. The husband tried it, "too sweet" he said.
The second pan was made with M(indian head)P sauce, medium. The husband tried it, "very spicy, good kick, smokey flavor" he said.
The third pan was made with Old El Paso medium sauce. The husband tried it, "very mild and plain but tastes like a restaurant sauce" he said.

So in the end, the little housewife decided she had to keep searching for that perfect sauce that would make him swoon with delight! Stay tuned for the sequel to "The Tale of 3 Enchiladas"!

But the husband does look happy....


Tanya said...

Cute story, Chica, but that is not your ONLY goal in life, we know that! I will see if I have one you can try - Charlie looks like a happy camper, though - good job!

Tanya said...

Charlie looks so skinny - what have you been feeding him?

Hindustanka said...

Oh.. this tale sounds so familiar :) only change Enchiladas to Indian masala dishes :) Hehe. We are all in the same boat!

Your enchiladas do look yumm! I'd like to try them all!

Colleen Mcgraw said...

You are too funny…cute but funny. I have a good one I will see if I can dig it up for you

Colleen Mcgraw said...

You are too funny, cute but funny. I have a good one I have used for years, I will see if I can dig it up for you

Unknown said...

Such a cute and sweet little tale! xoxo Jen