Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall foods!

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Fall Fox!
The one thing I do love about fall is the food. I love making comfort food, mac and cheese, homemade of course, did you know once you make homemade mac and cheese you will never go back to a box, Thanks Colleen Myler for teaching me that! Yes, homemade mac and cheese is just as fast and easy, try it!
I also love making casseroles, chicken pot pies, etc....

Today I decided to try Salisbury steak and mash potatoes with gravy and green beans.
I know my hubby grew up eating Salisbury steak probably from a TV dinner but he still loved it, I never really tried it or knew about it, but it sounded like a good fall meal.
Wow, it was fabulous!
I made the recipe from Pioneer woman's site:

I made mash potatoes and green beans to go with it, those are no brainers. But the best tip I have learned with mash potatoes is to heat a stick of butter and a cup of milk in a pan while the potatoes boil, drain the potatoes and then add the warm butter and milk and mash. The perfect pan of mash potatoes and they stay warm with the warm butter and milk added!! So there you go, a nice comforting fall meal! Enjoy!!

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My Garden Diaries said...

Goodness does that look insanely delicious!!! Thank you as always for sharing your yums!!! Have a great week sweet lady!!!

Bead and Needle said...

Looks REALLY yummy - what'd Charlie think? Much better than a tv dinner, I would expect! XOXO