Monday, July 1, 2013

Town and Country Resort San Diego

I just spent 4 days at the T&C Resort in San Diego, Wow, Great place!
I recommend only if you are attending a convention though, or go when no convention is scheduled.
Since it has a convention center connected to it, some of the convention goers get loud and rowdy at night and makes sleeping difficult, but if you are one of the convention goers and have tuckered yourself out scrapbooking all day then no problem, you will be dog tired and fall right out!
We had 3 conventions going on: (think transformers and nerdy geeky people with action figures to buy and sell) Then we had a scooter convention (think vespa riders all decked out in leathers) and then we had Scrapbook Expo (think women with enough paper, tape runner, cutters to rule the world). So all in all not too rowdy of a bunch.
The grounds are fabulous...
You check in on one end and they golf cart you to the other end where the rooms are, from there you walk back and forth to wonderful restaurants and the convention center. Stroll along the pool areas and gift shops, during the day they set up BBQ stations and deli stations to feed you.
Here are some pics I took:
Rose bushes everywhere!

Little alcoves to sit and rest, birds were using the houses,
Yeah, I would live there to if I could!

Fountains, this is the Lion Fountain!
After touring the grounds, it was time to get scrapping!
Christy and Mary
Mary and Me
I can't wait to go back next year!!
My Balcony- Room 1202

The view from my balcony


My Garden Diaries said...

Hey YOU!!! Now this is what I call get some creative stuff done! I can only imagine how much you can accomplish when you are removed from your my case poop and spit up!! HA That rose is stunning! Oh and I am following you on Bloglovin but when I was trying to leave a comment it wasn't letting me...not sure why? You take care!!! So glad you got away!

Colleen Mcgraw said...

Looks like heaven, great way to spead time with your sister and good friends