Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Movie Time

Finally got to try out the new movie theater called "Galaxy" it has big plush recliners with trays for your drinks and food, you don't have to move for anyone as they can walk by you in the wide aisles.

Charlie and I and our friend Deby went to see Hangover 3, UGH, it was awful, not anything like the first 2!!

There is an Olive Garden in the same lot so we walked over and had wine and appitizers until movie time.
And you can even purchase wine and beer in the theater too! They had a great Pinot Grigio, called Copa!

It was a fun night and we will try another movie there again, but go early or order online, it really fills up fast!
OH gotta add a picture of Bradley Cooper..that is why I watch the Hangovewr movies, Hey, he was wonderful in Silver Linings Playbook too! That will be one of my all time favorite movies..can't go wrong with Robert DeNiro and Bradley Cooper!!



Bead and Needle said...


My Garden Diaries said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Silver Lining!!! It was incredible!! Best movie I have seen in a long time! That theater looks amazing...hey it least you had comfy seats!!! You have a good rest of the week!!!

Hindustanka said...

Me and my husband were planning to watch Hangover 3 too.
You've got a nice cinema.. they would never sell BEER in Indian cinemas! forget about it :)

Colleen Mcgraw said...

It's my favorite place to see movies now. I saw Silver Lining and was not crazy about it maybe it I had seen it there with a glass of wine I would have enjoyed it more.