Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Buckaroo!

Wow, time sure does fly!
Ethan, our first grandson, will turn 9 tomorrow.
I got to watch him his first 3 years and we had a blast! I introduced him to Rachael Ray cooking shows, raced him on all his mobile toys and bought him his first push-up off the ice cream truck!
What a blast we had, but then he got older and needed to go to pre-school to learn to be social, so off he grow up and become a little man.
He now races Bandelero race cars,(they can start at 8 years old!) and he does not even have a drivers license???  What?? Those cars go up to 80 miles an hour!! I won't even do that on the freeway - yeah, that's me in the slow lane soaking up life people!! While he is out there pedal to the metal racing that car!!
Anyway, just wanted to say Happy Birthday Ethan, I love you, you will always have a special place in my heart!

Here is a look back through his scrapbooks that I made!
Awww, chocolate cupcakes, gotta lick the spoon!

He loved playing with the pots and pans, come on culinary school grad!!

My favorite, the first ice cream off the truck, love that face!!

Every day we stopped to watch Rachael Ray cook us something!

Hey, he learned to race from me! Just so you know!!

UH, he wrecked on his own, I swear!!! I win!!!

That cat loved Ethan more then spaghetti, and that cat loved spaghetti!!!

Ethan's race car next to his dad's race car!

Ethan with John Force the big time Drag Racer, one of my hero's! Lucky kid!

P.S I hope you become a chef due to Ma-maw's influence!! or a pro-baseball player, it's all good! 


Bead and Needle said...

Happy Birthday, Ethan! What special pages you created, Grandma...special pages of special that you raced him on those little trikes!

Colleen Mcgraw said...

Happy Birthday Ethan, wow you sure have grown up fast and you are such a good looking kid and have the coolest rasce car I have ever seen

Ronna said...

They grow up fast don't they? Ethan is so adorable. Your scrap booking pages are great memories.....priceless! Happy Birthday Ethan! My nephew is now 16 years old. I remember when I babysat him when he was just a little baby. He's almost all grown up now!

My Garden Diaries said...

AHHH!!! He is a doll! Absolutely adorable!!! How wonderful that you had that time with him when he was young...I love those pics!!!

Lisa said...

Happy 9th Birthday to your grandson! I love your's so cozy and warm, like walking into a quaint candle shop that smells really good :) That said, I hope you try the Tourte's such an impressive, easy and delicious creation!