Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sweet Victory!!

I have been having a war with my closet, it has been going on every year for the 13 years we have lived here. We have 2 closets in our Master Bedroom, Honey Bunny got the long one with mirror doors, I chose the walk in one, small walk in one, I have to add.

Every spring I start working on the house, as you can see from recent posts I have been doing a lot from painting the garage, cleaning out junk, buying new furniture, it never changes, every spring I go through this nesting phase, HB has gotten so used to it, he never even says one little word, just follows along with my plans. He comes home and says" what's new today dear"?

The war of the closet started because I have lots of purses, yes, I am a purse Ho! I admit it! I needed to have a place to store purses, but I am also a sweater Ho, please tell me you fold your sweaters not hang them!!! Oh, the horror of seeing a hung sweater, mercy, mercy on their souls.

 I needed a place for folded sweaters, that was mandatory. Hmmmm, I have tried everything to make my closet work.

This spring the game has changed, with the help of pinterest, I found a solution: A WALL OF SHELVES!!! So simple but it eluded me all these years!

I now have baskets for my purses, and scarves and mittens and gloves, I now have hooks for my hats and belts and everyday purses, I have a shoe bag for all my sandals and flip flops, and best of all I have shelves for my shorts and for my sweaters!!!

Sound the alarms, ring the bells!! The war is over!!! I win!! Hahahahahaha!
Take that you little hole in the wall of a closet!! I win, I win!!

A place for everything and everything in it's place,  Right side: jeans and pants hung on the bottom rod, shirts and blouses on the top rod.  Middle: The new shelves (100.00 in supplies at Lowe's) they hold sweaters, shorts for summer, small shoes and the bottom floor is for boots. Left side: hooks hold  all my hats, you have to wear hats in summer in Las Vegas or you will be a leather couch before you know it. My favorite "Tanya" purses hang on the bottom row of hooks.
Shoe bag hung on door holds tennis shoes and sandals and flip flops for summer wear!

I love my closet now! May peace reign over this room for many years to come!!
Hooray!! The war is over!!! I am so happy I could kiss someone!!


Tanya said...

HOORAY!!! You WIN - the closet I have a place to put my shoes when I come over to sit on the couch! Happy Easter, Chica - off to make the lemon pudding stuff, once MORE...I have the REAL stuff this time around! Will call you later...XOXO

Mary said...

Okay, now come over and do my closet! I share a closet about the size of yours with the DH! It's not a war, though. I just don't fight it!

My Garden Diaries said...

Your closet looks fantastic!!! I need the shoe storage holder for my closet doors. We have a very very small closet for me and the Mr! Not to mention kids clothes busting out of closets!!! AHH Maybe you can help me with mine!! HA! Great work lady!!!

Colleen said...

Oh, come on - you will change it again next year 'cause you can't help yourself!!!

Looks good!

Colleen said...

Oh, come on - you will change it again next year 'cause you can't help yourself!!!

Looks good!

Vicki Boster said...

Well - when you are done can you please some and start on my closets!!!

Oh Jackie -- these are the cutest scarves ever -- LOVE the one with the peace symbols!!! Thank you thank you ---- looking forward to our special day!!

Love you!