Monday, March 11, 2013

Nascar comes to town...

We had a friend come to town and he won tickets to the Nascar race but he could not go, so for a ride to the airport he gave them to me and Charlie, Thanks Wayne, we had a great time!
Friday's qualifing got rained out with the storm that came through so we missed that, Saturday Charlie took Ethan to the nationwide race that happens before the big race, he had fun with grandpa!

Sunday was my turn, we met up with Chuckie and Donna, headed out early and walked around the neon garage, checking out where they work on the cars. Then we grabbed a bite to eat and found our seats.

After the races, we headed back to the raceshop where Chuckie BBQ'd some grub and we sat around and waited until all the people cleared the area out so we could all head home!
A funtime was had by all!!


My Garden Diaries said...

I have never seen a race but I am thinking it would be an awesome time!!! So glad you scored the tickets and had good company and good eats!!! Cheers to that!!!!

Bead and Needle said...

You have a jacket and EVERYTHING! Glad you had fun, Chica - hope you missed the big traffic tie-up. ME

Ronna said...

Never been to NASCAR....looks like you had a fun time!