Saturday, March 2, 2013


I love the guitar, I love to watch people play, anyone from Stevie Ray Vaughan (my idol) to Esteban (classical guitar) to rock gods like Joe Perry (Aerosmith).

My mom would play the guitar, she was self taught on acoustic. It always amazed me that my mom could play, I wish she would have taught me before she died, but she had no patience for that or us kids in general, we tried a couple times but it never panned out. So I vowed one day I would learn to play. Somehow, Someway.

When Travis was a young kid I paid for him to have guitar lessons (and chess lessons) I wanted him to learn things I never had the chance to. I thought if he learned he could teach me, but that did not pan out either...which brings me to my latest adventure.....

I got the chance to see Esteban, my mother used to talk about him and had always wanted to see him play, she loved to watch dance shows on TV and LOVED Flamenco. Esteban is trained in Flamenco guitar playing.
She said he was a beautiful guitar player.
She was sure right about that!
I was mesmerized, he played everything from the first music ever written to Runaway by Del Shannon. And he had his daughter with him who plays violin and dances to the music, she was gorgeous and very talented too!!
This was a wonderful, beautiful, amazing show, run right now and get tickets! You will not be disappointed!!!


Bead and Needle said...

How beautiful is THIS!!! And, I do hope you and Charlie got to dance...I imagine you as that couple on there. I DO want to see this show!

My Garden Diaries said...

OUTSTANDING!!!! He is amazing! I so enjoy music that has no words but you can feel them through every note! Thank you for sharing this...I have never been to a show but will put him on my list!! We love to see live music!

My Garden Diaries said...

Oh and one last thing...I think you should take up some lessons. What a lovely memory to have of your mom!