Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pizza and the Faux Bee Gees!

The Australian BeeGees Tribute band!
What a fun night! It was just fly by the seat of our pants night, no plan making just get in the car and go...We made no dinner plans, got to the Excalibur, got our tickets and had 1 hour to eat and we were both starving, so we ran into BucaDiBeppo's, thinking soup and salad, but then you have to share dinners there so we chose a pepperoni pizza and ceasar salad! It was the best dinner ever! So good!
We got to the showroom and had fabulous seats with our own private bar over looking the whole crowd, the music was fantastic! I highly recommend this show to anyone coming to Vegas!
Thanks to Tanya for always being ready and willing to just go to any show! We got our picture taken, I gotta admit we are very photogenic!

Here are the real BeeGees performing my favortie song:


Bead and Needle said...

GREAT song! I LOVE flying by the seat of my pants on some evenings, SO much! Chica - I don't know that you know, but I had the absolute BEST, most enjoyable evening last night - REALLY! Thanks for the friendship - you know how much that means! XOXO ME

Ronna said...

I love the Bee Gees!.......looks like a fun time you guys had.