Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Concert of a Lifetime!

Last night I got to see two of rocks most legendary bands, Aerosmith and Cheap Trick! Really, you cannot say Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, without including Aerosmith!
It all started last week when I was looking to grab some concert tickets for Tanya for a Christmas gift. It is the only thing I can get her that I know she will enjoy. She does so much for me all year long and I really can't make her anything because she surpasses me in every talent, jewlery, sewing, knitting, cooking...the only thing I do know, is how much she enjoys music.
I went to tickmaster and saw Aerosmith concert in Las Vegas, I thought, there is no way I could ever afford that and it is probably sold out, Nope! Tickets were still available!!
I grabbed two..emailed Tanya and said "Merry Christmas, you are going to see your guitar god Joe Perry, pick me up Saturday night because Charlie is at the racing banquet.
So we raced down to the MGM, had dinner at the cafe and went into the arena.
All I can say is Cheap Trick is good, Robin Zander sang my favorite: Golden Slumbers, oh my, his voice is so beautiful:

Then the stage was cleared and a hole opened up from the floor and Steven Tyler and Joe Perry pop up and began the greatest show on earth...they rocked, they rolled, Steven danced and shook his little tushy all over that stage! We heard all the great songs and some new! And I must say Steven is looking great, very healthy put on weight turned it to muscle, he even has a little six-pack going on!
Joe Perry played his guitar like no tomorrow, and the drummer, Joey Kramer, did a drum solo that blew everyone away!
It was so wonderful to see my favorite Aerosmith songs played live, the first encore we got, Steven came out of the stage with a white piano, playing Dream On, sooooo beautiful, I thought "oh that was perfect" but then they turned that into my all time blow the speakers out in my truck song, cause it has to be loud...Sweet Emotion!!!
Oh Sweet Jesus! It was EPIC, EPIC I tell you!!!!!

So Merry Christmas Tanya, I hope you enjoyed that gift as much as I did!!
Here is a tribute to Steven Tyler with the song Dream On, thank you Steven for your amazing vocals, your outstanding showmanship, you are truly a legend!


Bead and Needle said...

I'm STILL speechless - you don't know JUST how much you are loved, Chica - yeah, you ROCK!!!!! I loved this SOOOOOOOOOO much - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU...I'm afraid your Christmas will suck. :-)

Bead and Needle said...

SWEET JESUS! Best description, ever! :-) Sweet Jesus, for sure! XOXO