Friday, October 19, 2012

Craft room update!

Since I won the scrapbook armoire, I had to redo the room, all my scrapbook stuff will be housed in it and all my paper will be along side in the bookcases. I really like how clean and organized my room is! Every plastic container is labeled and I know right where to find everything!
I almost have it complete but I have to wait for joanns to send me some more 14x14 cases to organize all my scrapbook stickers and embellishments, then it will be done, I ordered them online at a price of 4.99 each, they are normally 9.99 so I will wait to save that kind of dough!! But for the most part I have every craft in it's own place, and now that I bribed Tanya into teaching me to knit I will have to find a place for knitting supplies! I made her a favorite lunch she likes, buffalo chicken salad with blue cheese dressing -  in return she taught me the basics of knitting! Everyone be prepared - you are getting scarves for christmas!! hahaha!!
This wall is rubber stamps, crafting supplies, and counter has printer and cutter, the bottom cupboards are filled with fabric for sewing!

Next wall, has long counter for working on, the far right the cabinet has a roll out trash can!

next wall has Sam's perch, he sleeps there all the time looking out the window to keep an eye on the hood!

The first bookcase houses all my beading/jewelry making supplies, then you see the new armoire and 2 more bookcases.

This is the wall you see as you walk in, it has all my jewelry that is for sale on etsy, and tons of magazines!

The new piece, I added write on/magnet boards to the top doors.

The table top pulled out. lots of space to work.

The bottom cupboards, waiting for the cases to put all my stickers in, cats, travel, misc.

close up of the stamps and the craft supplies

My albums, stamp pads, and paper, paper, paper, paper!!
I hope you enjoyed my craft room tour! I will be in there working away making jewelry for my etsy store and scrapbooks of my many travels!


Colleen Mcgraw said...

Looks great! can you come organize me now?

Bead and Needle said...

OK, where'd my REAL comment go from our play date??? I don't want you to think I didn't comment, because I left one about how fabulous this looks in real life...because it's WICKED AWESOME...I believe I said I would never come out of that room if it was in my house! Are you spamming me, again? :-) Thanks for the lunch, too, friendo!!! XOXOXO

Malou22u said...

What a great space! It looks AWESOME!!!!!! It almost makes me sad to go to my little scrap spot off of my kitchen.

Malou22u said...

What a great space! It looks AWESOME!!!!!! It almost makes me sad to go to my little scrap spot off of my kitchen.