Saturday, September 29, 2012

#5 Livorno, Italy!

Oh, I am so happy to finally be in Italy! My grandma, Ginia, travelled to Italy many times with her boyfriend Dante. She loved it there!
     The ship sailed into Livorno, the Tuscan region of Italy on Tuesday morning. From here we could travel to Florence to see where the Medici Family made their fortune in banking and art. Florence became a breeding ground for some of the world's greatest painters, sculptors, scientists, and architects.
     Not too far from Florence, another genius by the name of Galileo graced the region with his presence. In Pisa, you will find the Leaning Tower where he supposedly demonstrated his scientific findings!
     I chose an excursion to wine country to go to my very first wine tasting! What better place to experience wine making than an actual winery in Italy?  Christy and Jeff headed out to Pisa, while Ronna and I headed  for a tour bus to take us on a one hour drive through tuscany to The La Torre Vineyard.
     We arrived at the La Torre Vineyard and we are taken to the place where the wine is processed and barreled, after viewing the cellar, we are seated for the wine tasting. They do not spit the wine out here, no sir, they pour you a glass and we enjoy with plates of salami, bread and cheese, oh YUM!
     We were served a glass of La Torre's White, their Cabernet Sauvignon, and their Sirah. It was very good. After lunch we enjoyed walking the vineyard and the grounds. We headed back on the bus where everyone, full of cheese and wine and bread, napped for the hour ride back to the ship! This excursion was a highlight of my trip and I am glad to have missed the crowds at Pisa for a nice relaxing lunch at an Italian Vineyard!!

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Tanya said...

LOVE this post! You certainly look in your element with the wine, that courtyard...AND, that last picture of you! I still think you need to blow the grapes up and hang it in your kitchen - HAPPY SATURDAY!