Monday, July 16, 2012

The Body is a Canvas...

I love tattoos. I love to see artwork on the body. I think the body is a perfect place to display art. You become a walking exhibit. Tattoos are the ultimate in saying what you want and how you want to say it. You can have quotes, memorials, tributes. You can have your favorite symbol, sign or logo.
I have chosen tattoos that have very personal meanings. My first was a cat, I love cats (even though I am allergic to them) I cannot imagine my home without a cat. My second tattoo was for my son, a smiling monkey with a crown ( a little gesture to 'the king') Elvis music was always a connection I have had with Travis, I am so glad he chose an Elvis song for us to dance to at his wedding! Cool!
That tattoo was an original design drawn up by Shane at Skin Factory.

My third is a clover that says "Lucky" I have always been lucky, but this one is really a shout out to my husband, since I am not allowed to put his name on my body (he is superstitious and thinks it will jinks us)

I chose Lucky because I am so lucky to have a man who loves me unconditionally. He gives me a wonderful life to live and for that I am so lucky to have him to love. Original Design by Jaci (Hart & Huntington Tattoo)

My fourth tattoo will be a little remembrance to my mom and charlies mom. It will be the quote from shawshank redemption, "Get busy living or get busy dying" written across both my wrists. It will make me remember to live life each day to the fullest, not to stop and shut down and give up. I need this tattoo. Our moms could have done so much more with the last part of their lives and they chose to do nothing but hole up in their little mobile homes and wait to die. I cannot let that happen to me...I want to get healthy and stay active, to do more with what I have, there are so many options out there even on limited incomes you can find so many free or low cost things to do, but you have to get out there and find them!!

My fifth tattoo will be a guitar with wings, the guitar will have SRV on it (for Stevie Ray Vaughan) and under it will say "Little Wing" a nickname from a dear friend that I will cherish forever. Although SRV covered the song from another great, "Jimi Hendrix" I just love the way SRV interprets it with his guitar. it is beautiful music!

So there you have it my art from the, if I can only get my hubby all inked up I would be a real happy girl!

Here is a photo of Christy and Rebecca's new tattoos they got this weekend, pretty nice, Ganesh in an Ohm: They went to Sin City Tattoo (trop and pecos) and Nate worked on them. Nice Guy!


Colleen Mcgraw said...

Oh my know how I feel about tatoos-can't your just remember the moms with a song in your heart? Owie ...that's gonna hurt on your wrists.

Bead and Needle said...

It's gonna' look great! Lucky in life, Little Wing...XOXO

Mary said...

I love this post! I love tattoos, too! I'm working on a tattoo for my dad - and one for my mom so she can see it while she's still here! I love your ideas! I think I should come out and we'll get them together!

Colleen said...

Yuck! I hate tattoos but you enjoy!