Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Allman Brothers Band

Everyone knows their music, you can all sing along,
 It's the best classic rock you can get...but do you know the whole story about how they came about, how they hit the heights and then crashed and burned, how they lost their leader, Duane, but little brother, Gregg, carried on?
I do.
I just finished reading My Cross to Bare, by Gregg Allman. It was a good read, my sister told me about it, and I picked it up and devoured it while Charlie was at the raceshop the past couple nights. The only time I can read is when it is quiet in the house, no tv, no radio. I have to have silence. So needless to say I have not been able to read many books in the past 23 years! My house is filled with books, one day I will be able to read them again. I love them, I have my favorites, I have all the Stephen King you could ask for. I love autobiographies. My sister would read true crime, about all the serial killers and all that, I could not do it, but we do share a love of SK though! But me, I turned to biographies, I like to see into someones world, how they lived their life and learn from their mistakes.
I loved reading Gregg's book, I was amazed at the people he met, he even hung out with Stevie Ray Vaughan (my idol) for a time!!! Gregg was heavy in the bottle and Stevie was getting sober, so they didn't hang out long together. But Gregg said he was amazed at the talant Stevie had. Love that!
If you love music and you love autobiographies, it is a light read, not too heavy, but it is a good look at what happens when fame and fortune finally comes to those who work their ass of for it. How a person can crawl through hell and come out happy on the other side.....

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Bead and Needle said...

Looking forward to reading it - I read the same complete silence. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, LUCKY GIRL AND CHUCK! XOXOXOXOXOX