Monday, April 9, 2012

Music Television Treadmills

Hoppy Easter, hope you had fun! I don't do Easter, too much chocolate and eggs and what not.

Saturday found me and Charlie at the Green Valley Resort, I got a room where we got to sleep away from the house and all the stress we have had lately. We took a nap knowing we would be up late. I had tickets to see Chris Isaak there that night. We met Tanya at 6:00 for dinner at Lucilles. Then her and I headed to the concert, Charlie went to the movies and played keno and drank beer.

Chris was fabulous as usual, singing our favorites and then some from his new album of oldies but goodies, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and more! The album is called "Beyond the Sun"

Charlie and I stayed up late playing some games then hit the hay! We had to leave early because we had an appointment sunday morning to have the dish network guy hook up the new TV for over the treadmill. Walking is so boring so I broke the biggest rule I have...NO TV'S IN THE BEDROOM!!

But it is over the treadmill and hard to watch from No worries there!! If it will help my hubby get on the treadmill then I broke the rule for good reason!

So, yes, this poor guy comes out to the house on Easter and installs or tv and hooks up our dual reciever to it! Nice guy!! We have the protection plan so it costs us nothing!!

More fun on the horizon so stay tuned!


Bead and Needle said...

He was FABULOUS, as always...where's the picture of you kissing him, because if you don't put it on, I WILL!

Glad the TV guy showed up - nice room!

Colleen said...

Oh, I want to see the picture of you kissing him!!!!!

Hey, now you have absolutely no excuse for not wanting to walk on the treadmill!!!!!

Mary said...

And I want to see the picture of you kissing him, too!

And keep on walking!

Ronna said...

Get going on your treadmill excuses!