Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Craft show...

I made a little bit at the craft show, I think the location was not good at all.
Even though it was at a hotel/casino we were in the back at the arena so we did not get any tourist traffic, and I don't think advertising was good enough. But it was a fun time and I learned a few things!
I enjoy hanging out and talking to other artists even if we do not make any money!
I would like to thank Tanya for sharing this show with me!
Hope to do a few more little craft shows with her again!
I will fill my etsy store with new items, hopefully before I leave for my scrapbooking trip!
Me and my goods!

Tanya doing the Vanna White pose!


Bead and Needle said...

Ah, Chica...any day with you is a great day!!! Happy Tuesday - take a break!

Colleen said...

Loved everything that the two of you had at the show and love the heart that I bought from you - can't wait to begin beading around it!!!!

That show would have done better if it had been held in one of their meeting rooms, however, they may not have been large enough for this show. Also, the rent for the meeting room might have been more expensive than the Arena.

Next year they need to do more advertising and give everyone flyers to hand out prior to the show!

Good job, chicas!