Sunday, October 30, 2011

Life goes on...

Well, the Rangers did not win the world series, but they came awful close! The determination and heart they showed was outstanding, they gave more then anyone could have asked for, but somethimes that just is not enough.
We will come back stronger next year!
I hope it is the Cardinals and Rangers again! That would be so much fun!
I bought a nice green carved bakelite bracelet for Tanya, I lost the bet and paid the price.
I should stick to quarter keno and bingo, I do not gamble on other stuff and now I remember why!

Anyway on to other is going to be a cold winter, so I will snuggle in and sew and scrapbook and make jewelry! Look for new items in my etsy store soon! Great place to go Christmas Shopping, free shipping always and you can shop in your jammies!

See you all for spring training!!

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