Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Commercial music

Is anyone enjoying the commercials as much as I am?
I love the Elton John Rocket Man commercial, People are singing what they think Elton is saying in the song, too funny..then at the end they tell you the real lyrics...Uh, That's what he is saying?

Oh and Allstate, Mr. Mayhem commercials, geez, you just gotta love the bad boys! Mr. Mayhem is so adorable as a raccoon tearing up your attic!

And tonight while watching the Rangers play baseball, I see this new car commercial, the kids in the car start singing Crazy Train by Ozzie! Love that!

I must say commercials are getting a little more entertaining! Especially while watching Mike Napoli hit homeruns!


Bead and Needle said...

I saw the Crazy Train one last night, and laughed so hard. I LOVE the racoon man!

Mandy said...

I pretty much only watch movies or Recorded show and FF through the commercials....I'm gonna have to start watching the commercials!!!