Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Well, we all know how excited I get when the first day of summer arrives! It will be here next Tuesday!
So, I decided to change the colors on my blog to more of a summery feel! I think of blue skies and lemonade in summer! So I think my blog reflects that now!
I will be hard at work this weekend and will have photos of the backyard to show off!


Bead and Needle said...

I really had to look to find the place to leave comments now, Chica - love the happy, warm, summery look. Miss you - peace out! T

mom said...

Ah, Summer! The Little Lizard gets to loll in the subshine and splash in the pool while her poor Mother has to suffer in the heat!!
I think I should dig a cave and hibernate for the season!
Have fun!
Luv, mom.

Colleen said...

Is that your margarita? If so, it really looks yummy!

Miss you, Ms. Jacque!

Ronna said...

Love the new colors for your blog. You did good! As far as the summer heat...Las Vegas can have the heat here. I already can't wait for the fall time here!