Thursday, May 5, 2011

Almost there!!!

We had a little snafu yesterday with the counters! One piece had the wrong measurement so the new piece should be here today. Plus the plumbers could not get here until this we are down to the home stretch, I hope you stayed with me..we spent about 6000.00 total for dining room and kitchen makeover. I just love my new kitchen!
Here is a little something I did yesterday:
 Made my own chalkboard in a frame, the chalk holder is a drawer handle turned upside down! Now when I run out of something I can jot it down right then!
Here is the wall, my little kiss the cook picture...I cook with wine plaque, and chalkboard. My red mixer is at home in the corner and that is a little cutting board that matches my counters they gave it to me yesterday with the install, I thought that was a nice touch even though they messed up measuring!
Ok stick around, hopefully tonight we will see the complete kitchen!!


Bead and Needle said...

So pretty...can't wait til you are back to normal in your kitchen! Great job, girl!

MOM said...

Annnnd.....they're coming down the home's Chef Jackie by a nose....Countermen are fading fast...Who has the winning ticket??

Colleen said...

OMG! I wouldn't be that patient - I would have come loose and unglued on them - I hate peeps when they screw up on stuff! Oh, that's right, you are a Pices and I am an Aries!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy it when it is done - I would really like to redo my kitchen but we don't want to stay her so we won't do it!

Enjoy, my friend!!!!!!!!