Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Gift!

Well, I hope you all had fun on Valentine's day. After being married for 21 years I don't go for trying to go out to eat or gifts, I can't eat chocolate anyway!
But we do give each other cards, one funny and one mushy!
I get to eat out in restaurants all the time so I am happy with that, and I consider this kitchen window the best gift I could ever get!
Sunday I had a jewelry class and when I came home he had this side all filled in, we still need to sand and fill in any low spots, but WOW, I love it!!

I hung up my apron holder, it is perfect inside the pantry door!!
Ok I am getting the call today to set up a time to go in and get my estimate for the cabinets and counters, I have all my plans drawn up and my wishlist ready! I hope they can get it all in under budget!!
Stay tuned!


Mary said...

YUay! You got your window!! It looks great!

Bead and Needle said...

Can't wait for the finishing touches - Charles in Charge is quite handy!