Monday, December 27, 2010

It's all over...

Another christmas is over....Bring on the Summer!!
We travelled to Cali, to have christmas with my sister and jeff, travis and rebecca and my mom.
It was fun, we ate lots of ham and played the wii that jeff got for christy.
We stayed at the marriott in Manhatten Beach right on rosecrans by sepulveda, uh, I do not recommend this place, it was cold and uninviting, the beer was expired by 5 months.
We had dinner across the street on christmas eve with christy and jeff at McCormick and Schmidt, that was a fabulous dinner. I wanted to go back to the hotel and get some sleep but charlie did not want to lay down on a full belly, so I walked back to mccormick with him where it was a lot nicer then our hotel! They had outdoor heaters and a roaring fireplace, so we sat there for a while until he was ready for bed.
Us at the hotel.

Christy is not allowed to shop for charlie, hahahaha!

Vegas mom and the newlyweds!

I love a real fireplace!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
Bring on the New Year and may it be better then the last year!

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Tanya said...

HO Ho ho! Sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas...were you laughing when you took the picture of Charlie - it's blurry and he almost has four eyes - almost as funny as the too small shirt and his stance in the photo - Love it! And, it's the thought that counts!