Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall is Fabulous!

Fall is really warm this year and I am loving every minute of it! It is still 85* outside and I am still in a tank top and sandals!
But we do have to start thinking about winter/christmas, so please remember to shop online at and support a starving artist...Like Me!!

Well, I may not be starving but I do appreciate any business I can get!

On that note you must check out my cooking blog too, I have some new recipes posted! A nice chicken and noodle recipe to get us ready for all that good comfort food we eat during winter!

I have one last scrapbooking trip in Long Beach for the year. Then it will be Thanksgiving time, it should be fun this year, my sister and her husband, and charlie's sister from New Zealand will be here (we hope). I will be posting turkey photos soon enough!

Have a fun and fabulous fall,


Bead and Needle said...

Never thought I'd hear YOU saying you were enjoying fall, and then I read between the lines - it's still HOT! :-) Happy Fall, Jackie!

Mary said...

Looking forward to Long Beach!!!! Yay!