Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zenyatta is one amazing horse!

Do a youtube search on Zenyatta and you will see the most amazing horse ever! My sister, Christy,  and her husband, Jeff, were lucky enough to go see her up close and personal. Zenyatta will start a race just lopping along way in the back, then at the very end she decides, Oh, I don't want to be back here and boom she starts running and passes everyone up to win! She is a real ham in front of people too! I love how she sticks her tounge out all the time! Here are some pictures of their visit with the amazing Zenyatta!
What a ham!

Jeff had a shirt made with a photo of Zenyatta on it, she is looking at it and thinking
"Hey, is that me on your shirt!"

Christy and Zen, she said there were no words to describe being in her presence!
What an amazing animal she is! Beautiful!


Bead and Needle said...

BOY, she is BEAUTIFUL! Love the picture of her and Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding this to your blog.

looks like all systems are ago for her to run next month in KY, and a good chance to retire with a perfect record of Twenty consecutive wins and undefeated. Jeff

Anonymous said...


This is a video of her doing her famous pre race dance