Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More wedding fun!

I love this photo of Travis and Rebecca dancing, how fun! Travis did a really cool dance to Rebecca, she was seated at the wedding party table and he was on the dance floor when they played..BeeGees Staying Alive, it was amazing, I hope to get some video of it from them, they were singing it to each other while he danced, so fun, and that is how I hope they live their marriage..just wake up each day in love and happy...it is what Charlie and I strive for, just have fun with it! Life is too damn serious sometimes.
The Cake was AMAZING! I think her Aunt made it, it was so delicious!! Usually wedidng cakes are dry and yucky, oh man, not this one, very moist! White cake with a fruit filling, dang that was good!! I hope I can hire her in 5 years for my 50th birthday cake!! Oh, Rebecca loves sunflowers!
Travis and I waiting to have our mother - son dance, I was so nervous, I should have drank more wine and loosened up but I only had one little plastic cup full, I am not a dancer at all, I need to put that on my bucket list to learn to dance!!
Charlie and I, 23 years together!

Charlie's mom, so glad she made the drive out with us! We had a fun time, I hope she enjoyed her hotel room and the free buffet breakfast, that was a nice hotel (Hampton Inn) out there in Banning!

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