Monday, May 3, 2010

San Diego Expo!

First off I would like to say Thank you to my sister and friends for joining me on another fun filled expo adventure, it was a blast! San Diego was beautiful and the food and comraderie was fabulous! Mary NR picked me up from the airport on Thursday, we arrived to see Mary F and Marlene there at the Hilton in Del Mar, we were starving so we had dinner at the hotel restaurant, it was delicious food, I chose the steak which was wonderful with a wine and mushroom sauce, the food there amazed us. Friday morning arrived and we headed to the expo at the Del Mar fairgrounds. We took our seats and christy arrived toting her hubby jeff, he was there for the horse racing part of the grounds.
We settled in to start scrapping:
My Seat!

We scrapbooked all day and then Jeff suggested a fun restaurant called Milton's, right up the road, we dined on Pastrami sandwich and Cheesesteak sandwich, other stuff too, but I enjoyed my cheesteak it was yummy and I did not eat the roll just the filling, I am being good even on vacation!
Back to scrapbooking until 11:00pm then back to the hotel to sleep!

Saturday morning we were up again at 7:00 for breakfast, one egg and an english muffin, the coffee at the hotel was delicious! Back to the the expo.....

Saturday night was Hawaiian night, Mary F was working on tropical theme pages and was able to enter a page layout in the contest...Guess what she won second prize!! Here she is with her page and christy is holding her prizes!! We are very proud of her!!

Then when we thought we could not have more fun..christy's raffle ticket got called she had to go up with about 8 other women and put on a hula skirt and hat and dance for her prize!!

It was so fun to see her cut loose and have a good time, we are very proud of her for sticking it out and enjoying herself!! It was the perfect ending for the weekend!!

Click on the play button and Enjoy!

Christy's prize winning Hula Dance!!!


christy said...

OMG! I laughed so hard-- I think you guys cracking up on the audio is more funny than my hula-belly-square dance!!

Bead and Needle said...

Christy's quite the little hip shaker - I laughed at the square dance part, too.

Looks like you girls had a fabulous time!

HoneyBirds said...

Haha!! How cute is Christy!!! We are glad you guys had such a good time!!

Chris said...

Great job Christy....I love it