Monday, May 10, 2010

Busy, Busy!

The Hilton in Del Mar, where we stayed on my trip! I miss it already!
Still trying to recoup from my San Diego trip, my studio is a mess, all my scrapbook stuff still needs to get put away until my next trip!

I will have to pull out some scrapbook pages and post them so you can see what I really love to do, Jewelry is a side passion and a way to earn some extra money but scrapbooking is what I really love! I enjoy getting to travel and scrapbook, that is really a treat! It seems when I am home I tend to get pulled out of my studio for laundry or phone or computer stuff and I get nothing accomplished.Yes, a traveling scrapbooker is what I am!
The pool at the Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada!
Our pool is almost ready to be uncovered and opened for the season, but the dang wind won't let up! If we uncover now it will be a lot more work to keep it clean with the dust blowing and the leaves, so we still have the cover on. We had a set back this weekend, the weather has been hot and my salt cell was not generating chlorine so we went green, all fixed now but yuck, that is so gross when that happens, and it can happen in less then 2 days, so I really have to keep an eye on my salt cell functions! It is so nice using a salt system (when it works!) I do not have to put chlorine in anymore, the water does not smell and make your skin all dry and tight. I am really happy with it, I just check my levels on sunday and let the crawler do the sweeping, and cleaning, very low maintenance.

I added a new necklace to my shop, one for the led zeppelin fans. I won't be going to wednesday night this week as it is the doors tribute and I saw that one, we have two more in the series, U2 and Eagles, so stay tuned for more fun in the sun in windy Las Vegas!

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Bead and Needle said...

You and Big Charlie look so relaxed, floating in that pool, Scrapbook Queen!