Saturday, February 20, 2010

Charming group!

I would like to thank Tanya for the group photo, as I forgot my camera!!
Here is our charm exchange group, 9 plus me, 9 of the most talented women I ever met! Oh if you are wondering why we have hats, it was a tea party and we thought it would be fun to wear hats! Oh and this is for my mom, because she can't find her baby daughter in photos: I am in the center of the back row, wearing my Stevie Ray Vaughan hat!! Sorry I don't do flowery hats!!
Betty (center of photo on swing) was our hostess, she has an amazing home filled with art, it was like touring an art gallery!! I loved it!! Anyway her theme was flowers, here are the charms, my charm is in the upper left hand corner, each one had a circle with a different saying and then a flower hanging in the middle, mine says Peace, guess you would not have known that, right?
Next hostess is June and she has declared, because she is our Queen of England, that it shall be themed "Alice in Wonderland" and the charms are due in June!!


Bead and Needle said...

Great photo of the charms, Jackie! Beat me at my own game. :-) Mine will be on tomorrow - I am camera-ed out for the evening.

Susan said...

The charms look beautiful- what a neat idea for everyone to work on a theme.