Tuesday, January 19, 2010


just a quick note about my blogs...I have made new headers to reflect each blogs personality, hope you like them! My regular blog, my cooking blog and my etsy store all sport new headers!
My etsy store header actually has photo of jewelry I made in the header, Jerry B owns that piece of jewelry now, She is my peace loving friend!

I am adding new recipes to the cooking blog, one in a few minutes. Yesterday it rained so I decided to make a cobbler. I had a bag of frozen cherries in the freezer, so I grabbed a peach cobbler recipe off tasty kitchen site and made a cherry cobbler. I love to bake in the rain!
My friend Myler was over and I made her eat some, she said it was very good!

Ok, off to get some real work done!


Tanya said...

You HAVE been busy - both the blogs and the store headers look wonderful! How am I gonna' live up to all that?! Tanya

Amanda said...

Cool. I think you should put a picture of Toby up on this blog though.