Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas fun!

Yesterday I attended the annual jewelry girls christmas party...I drew Colleen Mylers name and made her a "sassy chica" bracelet, because that is our Myler a "sassy chica"!! Susan drew my name and made me a fabulous cat necklace, her beading is wonderful, and Susan made the glass pieces herself!!
The party was held at June's house, a beautiful home up in sun city summerlin!
Thank you June for letting us enjoy your home for the day, I hope we did not make too big a mess!
I hope we can do this all again next year, what a fun group of gals!!
Well, Here are some photos to enjoy...Most of the jewelry girls!

Junes view from her porch, she does not know this, but I am moving in!!

My fabulous cat necklace and earrings from Susan!

My gift to Myler, don't worry she loves orange and green together!!


Colleen said...

I love your Kitty necklace, and, of course, I absolutely love my Sassy Chica bracelet!!!!!

Tanya said...

Great pictures, Jackie - I would take the bedroom with the view, when you move in. I love Myler's Sassy Chica bracelet, too!