Saturday, November 7, 2009

Giddy Up!!

Meet my new everyday boots!! Aren't they gorgeous and a girl has to be gorgeous to live in Las Vegas!
My old boots were falling apart and needed replacing before winter. I wear boots everyday in the fall and winter. I love wearing my boots! I feel like a big strong cowgirl - like I can do anything as long as I got my boots on!
Before you know it spring and summer will be here and I will be wearing flip flops all the time but for now you can find me in my new boots living and loving Las Vegas!


Tanya said...

Oh man, Jackie - those are KILLER!!!!! Can't wait to see them up close...Tanya

Colleen said...

Those retired boots did need to be retired! I love the new ones and, like Tanya, I can't wait to see them up close! Maybe this week!


Amanda said...

I love the new boots!

Mandy said...

Nice, love 'em!