Thursday, October 29, 2009

Biker Babe!

Colleen decided to name this bracelet biker babe, so I decided to go to class dressed like a biker babe..hahaha...I got Tanya to join in on the fun but I did not get a photo of Tanya, she was cool looking too, her daughter (a tattoo artist) tattooed her knuckles (in pen) that said Love Hate on them and she had her hubbies biker helmet and a leather jacket, we rocked the house! I love the bracelet, very cool and I have some fun memories to go with it as it was our friend Jerry's birthday that day as well, we all had a great time!!


Tanya said...

Your bracelet "kicks ass", Biker Babe!!!!! Kinda' like the way the Phillies whooped it on the Yanks last night, for the Angels! :-)

Amanda said...

That's awesome great outfit!