Friday, September 18, 2009

Run Don't Walk!!!

Run don't walk to get tickets to see this show, everyone in Vegas is raving about it, it is all over the radio stations and people are really buzzing about this show:

And last night I got to see it with my friends, Jerry, Colleen, Winston...Girls Night Out!! We had a blast!

Wow, Robin Zander did amazing job with the vocals, I was worried when they said Cheap Trick were going to sing the Beatles but in my opinion, they were made for these songs! They had Joan Osbourne with them, I love her voice back from the 80's...and they had an orchestra which really enhances the Beatles music as well...Fabulous show, standing ovations all around, it was amazing!!!
So run to the Hilton and see for yourself how good the Beatles music can be 40 years after the release of Sgt Pepper album!

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