Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trade show fun!

Some of the jewelry girls went to the jewelry/gift trade show at the sands convention center here in las vegas today. Me, Pat, Colleen and Tanya had fun walking around and looking at all the stuff. We were able to buy some stuff today as it was the last day and some sellers did not want to pack stuff up. Here is one deal I got, 3 suitcases with peace signs on them, all 3 for 60.00!!
I love it! I will be traveling to Ontario in October for the scrapbook expo and I can't wait to pack up all my stuff in these cool bags!


Anonymous said...


Had SUCH a great time today - and thanks for putting up with the back seat driving. :-)


Amanda said...

These are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Jackie, may your new bags follow you on many peaceful journeys where you find much peace, love & joy!
Pat K