Friday, July 24, 2009

Cool Change!

Well, as you all know I live , love, and work with my husband - every day 24/ when he goes out of town or I go out of town, I really like to do all the things I don't get to do when we are together.. for me, it is wander around shops like williams sonoma and anthropologie and crate and barrel..then I come home and cook all these neat recipes with stuff like onions and garlic and lots of bell peppers and spinach....yeah, I am a happy girl!
I turn on the tv to classic rock music and start cooking! I have noticed I always hear the song Cool Change by Little River Band and I so relate to it...alone all by myself, and being a Pisces, I relate to the water and all the calm that goes with I am sharing this song with you, it is one of my all time favorites the video by earthstudy is absolutly amazing, please watch and relax and enjoy....
Also Make sure you check out my husbands blog for some big news and Colleen Mcgraws blog for some exciting news about our bingo day today! Yeah, I win again! Oh I will share my recipes later, for now enjoy this, and just let me breathe the air, for if there is one thing in my life that is missing it is the time that I spend alone!

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